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project undertaken at Ashton Raggatt Mcdougall. copyright  A-R-M.

Project Team:

Ray Marshall, Martine De-Flanders, Gab Olah, Peter Charles

Project Details

Acer interior wall, was developed the image of 2 conflicting “ideas” embedded into a material response. Delauney fabric simulation was cross-pollenated with Cellular Automata code, resulting in a cloud like skin or field.











Project undertook at Ashton Raggatt Mcdougall,

Copyright retained by A-R-M

Project Team

Design: Howard Raggatt  & Peter Charles

CD: Amber Stewart, Natalie Lysenko , Michael McManus

CA : Steven Ashton, Ray Marshall, Meredith Dufour.

Consultants: Urbis, Rush-Wright Architects & Macleod Structural Engineers.

Project Details

The H-House, located in Port Melbourne, features a facade entirely comprised of off-the-shelf water tanks.

This is the client’s 3rd project. and as such forms a sort of triptage to the series, so it is not a twin, but the latest breed in an evolution,signals a new hopeful era of potentials for the aesthetics of sustainability.The clients brief was for a green oasis. It is a a hark-back to truly “urban” buildings of the city such as the italian palazzo’s.The interior planning, conforms to the modular grid, set down by the water tank facade. Sitting on a corner block,  the building is positioned hard against both streets, providing a sense of enclosure, and passive surveillance to the street.