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Cast in Stone 2






















Cast in Stone investigates the potential to introduce new prototypes for density next to the railway station within the existing fabric of Dandenong, whilst maintaining its strong eclectic urban character.

Tokyo Fashion Museum



































Project team:

Gab Olah, Nic Agius, Jessica In & Peter Charles


Project details:

The project was entered into the Tokyo Fashion Museum Competition.

This project  brief for discrete galleries of each decade of japanese fashion from 1910’s to 2000.

We responded by means of a was conceived of as kaleidoscopic journey through each decade, each decade linked physically,the reflections of each decade filtering through literally and metaphorically , by the use of structural almost crystal refractive elements, linking each gallery.

The project was inherently internal, like a giant thunder-egg, cracked open strategically at ground plane to form a plaza, and its shell took cue from the decorative motif named “asa-no-ha” (morning star)

The project in turn gained the title “Cave of Collective Memory”.