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Iron Lace_Peter Corrigans Cities of Hope Exhibition

I have a piece in Peter Corrigan’s Cities of Hope exhibition opening this Friday 12th April.
Peter invited 22 Melbourne Architects to exhibit alongside his own retrospective work.
This Exhibition will be open 12th April through 8th June.

Submitted work 84 x 59cm Digital Print.

With Respect to Peter & RMIT gallery.
Full Project Images & Text will only be uploaded on 9th June.

A possible update of Iron Lace, integrating ornament and structure, this project embraces the dual role of the Jacquard Loom in industrializing textiles, and precursor to the computer, acknowledging the origins of textiles in walls, embedding manufacturing in culture. During the battle for Camberwell Station, a handkerchief is let fly.































project undertaken at Ashton Raggatt Mcdougall. copyright  A-R-M.

Project Team:

Ray Marshall, Martine De-Flanders, Gab Olah, Peter Charles

Project Details

Acer interior wall, was developed the image of 2 conflicting “ideas” embedded into a material response. Delauney fabric simulation was cross-pollenated with Cellular Automata code, resulting in a cloud like skin or field.